About Us

Vanamo Deco manufactures timeless high quality Finnish textiles and interior design products. Its Scandinavian patterns and colors are easy to combine with both modern and traditional styles.

Vanamo Deco was born from my passion for hand woven fabrics, the northern nature and babies. Our story begins with baby wraps - I created a Finnish baby wrap brand, which I named after my favourite flower Vanamo. Through baby wraps I dived into the world of textiles and fell in love with the endless variety of different textures, colors, patterns and possibilities they provide. High quality Vanamo fabrics are soft, elastic and versatile but at the same time strong and firm. The fabric is airy, breathable, long-lasting and first and foremost easy to maintain. Working with Vanamo fabrics inspired me to create a home textile brand around them. - Niina Hallikainen 

Vanamo Deco products are manufactured from start to finish in Finland. Our fabrics are woven at a family run weaving mill in Espoo in small batches. Inspiration for our designs comes from the Finnish nature and old traditional hand woven textiles. Our patterns and weaves are created by Finnish textile designers. Product design and sewing takes place in our workroom in Turku by our own talented designers.

Vanamo fabrics are made from GOTS certified organic cotton from a German spinning mill, high quality Italian linen (Masters of Linen) and soft merino wool from a German manufacturer. All yarns used in our products also have the Ökö-tex 100 certificate. This guarantees that they do not contain any dangerous chemical residues.

Vanamo Deco products are ethically produced and ecological. Using organic cotton and linen saves the environment and local manufacturing lowers the need for long distance transportation. Fabrics and products are carefully made to last in use as well as stand through different trends.